Michael + Anna

I wanted to create something really wonderful for Anna and Michael.   Both of them are amazing photographers themselves and creating work for artists you admire is its own special animal, in a very good and rewarding way.  It's a great honor to be asked to do an artist's wedding. Anna and I have worked together before so I knew we would be a good match for one another and our relationship to Anna and Michael goes beyond contract for hire.  We consider them our friends.

To start our journey we flew down to Anna's hometown of Alexandria, Virgina for a weekend in May and met up with their families at the rehearsal dinner at a Belgian dining spot. We were overwhelmed with both their family's and friends' graciousness and welcoming nature.  The next day we ventured through the secret gardens of an old manor and down the back alleys of an historic civil war town, and then spent the rest of the wedding day at the Daniele House...home to Anna, her parents, and her six brothers.  Here's just a glance into their day.  Thank you to them for inviting us to be part of it all!